Best Portable Vaporizers

Welcome to my article about picking the best vaporizer! If you wish to look at electronic cigarettes,  vaporizer pens, or desktop vaporizers, you can check out those articles respectively. If you don’t know the differences, you can see them here.

It wouldn’t be fair to give the title of the best vaporizer to some cool looking portable vape clocking in at over $300 when there’s plenty of good value provided at lower prices. Therefore, this article has four lists: the best vaporizers in the <$100, $100-$150, $150-$200, and $200+ price range.  This is a heavily researched and compiled list created with the help of various individuals, but it’s not perfect.

The vaporizers are classified by their rating in each of these 4 values : ease of use, portability, battery life and vapor quality. In our review articles we go over more traits. 

Our simple guide for picking the best vaporizer is for you to select one or two categories that matter to you and then try to make a list of the vaporizers with the highest rating in that category. Then, try picking the most expensive vaporizer you can afford from that list. Not because we want you to spend more money, but because (especially for something like portable vaporizers) you tend to get the most bang for your buck. A $70 vaporizer might be decent and last you a while but cannot compare against the quality, guarantee and sturdiness of something around $200. If you’re uncertain exactly why we rate a vaporizer at a particular rank, click learn more! We have detailed reviews about all vaporizers on this list.

Please note that the ratings here are a little different compared to the actual final ratings we give in our reviews, because we are not considering some attributes when creating this list. 

This is a category list compiled with the best vaporizers:

Category Vaporizer Name Price Link
Best Overall DaVinci IQ $274.99 Link
Most Cost Effective Arizer Air $169.95 Link
Most Discrete/Portable PAX 2 $199.99 Link
Best Vapor Quality Crafty $339.99 Crafty Vaporizer Review
Best 3 in 1 PAX 3 $274.99 Link
Best Battery Mighty $399.99 Link



<$100: Best vaporizer

#1- X-Max V2 Pro: $79.95


best vaporizers

If you want to test out a cheap vaporizer first, this is the clear winner. The build of the unit itself is very solid (surprising at this price range) so don’t worry that it wouldn’t last a long time with some cleaning. It’s also relatively easy to use. There is a simple 5 temperature range, and the entire vaporizer can be used with the push of the button located in the middle. This is also a surprisingly efficient vaporizer as the temperature ranges allow you to increase the temperature to cook your dry herb more thoroughly. While the battery life is somewhat low (~5 or so cycles) it definitely lasts long enough to get you comfortably high. We would suggest you keep some spare batteries lying around that you can switch around to so that it’s never an issue.  Cleaning and maintainability are relatively easy as well, meaning this can be a decent first vaporizer for people just new to the hobby. 

The main reason for the X-Max V2 Pro taking the number one spot in this price range is the vapor quality. It has a very good flavor and offers some consistency, and even heavy smokers usually have no complaints. The simple oven it uses can’t create extremely bold flavor but it does a very good job overall and rivals competitors at even twice it’s price range. However since the mouthpiece can get a little jagged and uncomfortable, we do suggest you purchase the add-on “glass” mouthpiece for an improved smoking experience. Perhaps the biggest complain we have is the portability as it’s a little large and has a length longer than your hand. This makes it hard to pocket even though it can fit nicely in any book-bag or small compartment. The design also makes it pretty obvious that it’s a vaporizer. Therefore if you value discreteness and ability to travel often with your vaporizer, we don’t recommend getting it. It’s better suited for anyone who wants to vape at home and values a cheap buy that can give a good kick. 


#2- Flowermate 5.0 Mini: $84.95

flowermate mini vaporizer

The Flowermate Mini is a great vaporizer at this price range for portability and discreteness. Fitting into the palm of your hand, you can easily tuck the Mini away into your pocket. It’s small enough to pass as a camera or recorder, so most people won’t even know it’s a vaporizer. The battery life is also surprisingly decent for the small size because you can usually last 5 sessions, more then enough to get fully high. The build quality is solid though nothing exceptional: if you take care not to drop or abuse the Mini, it can last for a decent amount of time.  The ease of use is relatively high because there’s simple commands for opening, closing, and reheating the vaporizer. Cleaning is also relatively quick and easy as you can utilize a qtip to clean the heating chamber and clean the mouthpiece separately. Moving on to the cons, probably the biggest one is inefficiency. You’re not looking to get this vaporizer if you want to spend time loading delicate amounts of marijuana to get the best bang for your buck: it’s not good enough for that. The vapor quality itself is on the lower end of the spectrum, and often times when you’re starting off using the vaporizer you might experience some Burn-ins. Overall, vapor quality does gradually improve as you use the device more but there’s always some sort of “device” like aftertaste, so it’s not a 100% fresh feeling. Overall, we recommend this vaporizer for newbies looking to find something cheap and discrete. By no means is this a revolutionary device but for this price range it seems to preform surprisingly well and gets the job done.




$100 – $150: Best Vaporizer

#1- Boundless CF: $129.95

boundless cf vaporizer

The Boundless CF is a great overall vaporizer as it performs well across the spectrum. Probably the biggest problem for us was the discrete/portability aspect of this vaporizer. At about the size of a flask it’s definitely hard to fit in a normal size pocket (but doable) and the design itself is also somewhat revealing. Apart from that however, there are relatively little cons. It’s very easy to use as all you have to do is load the bowl with dry herbs, turn it on by clicking the power button 5 times, and set the temperature. It also maintains a relatively high level of efficiency throughout your sessions as the herb is always evenly cooked. Unlike most other vaporizers the Boundless CF actually manages to cook relatively well even when it’s not fully packed, aiding in creating a consistent taste. Therefore the taste is phenomenal at the lower temperatures and decent at higher ones as well. 

Vapor potency is another strong point of this vaporizer. When you hit this for 2 full packed bowls you’re done: it will get you incredibly high.  We actually think the vapor quality and potency are greater than the PAX 2, which is valued at over 70 more bucks (just think about that for a second). While the mouthpiece can get hot sometimes after extended time of use, the device itself maintains great temperature and is very comfortable to hold. The build is solid and honestly you get very comfortable holding and managing the device after a couple of weeks. Overall, we gave the Boundless CF the number one spot because it is extremely price efficient at it’s ability to develop and maintain (this part is harder than you think, trust us) good vapor quality and potency while also maintaining decent portability & battery life. If you’re looking for your first vaporizer and don’t have too much cash to drop, this is a choice with which you cannot do wrong.  There’s also an upgraded version of this vaporizer, called the Boundless CFX. 


#2- Arizer Solo: $149.95

arizer solo vaporizer

Unlike the Boundless CF which is decent at everything overall, the Arizer Solo made it to the number 2 spot on our list by excelling in one aspect: vapor quality. It’s ability to create consistent and packed vapor can be considered among the best in modern vaporizers, even when compared to expensive ones that clock in at over twice it’s price. It does lack in portability as it’s pretty large and can’t fit in most pockets. You’ll have to bring a book-bag to carry this thing around if you want to leave the house with it. If using it with weed, it doesn’t conceal the smell too much and often times it can make your room stink. There is also no stealth involved around the design and therefore it’s pretty obvious what it is. While it’s pretty easy to use and understand (people usually get the hang of it in seconds), it can take time to figure out how to use it to it’s maximum potential and efficiency. You can experiment with different mouthpieces and temperature settings to create a vapor best for you. 

The battery life is also nothing to joke about. At the medium temperature setting, you can manage up to 12 5-7 minute sessions without a problem, which is far superior to other vaporizers at this price range. The build is very durable and you can easily open it up to clean it out. Maintenance is relatively easy, but hardly necessary. You could go multiple seesions without cleaning it out and not experience an issue. The Arizer Solo is also a 3 in 1 vaporizer because it has the ability to use concentrates. It works extremely well with all types of oils and wax and manages to create possibly even better vapor when compared to using dry herbs. If you’re not concerned about stealth or portability and want only a vaporizer that simply works, this is an extremely good choice. You won’t be finding this level of vapor quality (unless you’re looking at the Arizer Air) until you increase your price range another $120. When in doubt, remember that user reviews are often the best choice of information for deciding on a new vaporizer, and the Solo has probably the highest customer satisfaction rate on this list. 


#3- Firewood 4: $135.95

firewood 4 vaporizer

The Firewood brand has been growing for a quite a while now and it seems every next generation of vaporizer they release is a huge improvement. The Firewood 4 is the vaporizer to get if you’re interested in maintaining efficiency: using intricate amounts of weed and different combinations of settings to get high for extremely cheap. However it’s multiple options for mouthpieces, swappable batteries, and borosilicate glass capsule system make it’s ease of use low. It offers a unique capsule system which hold up to 0.1g of dry herb, and you can get an extra kit which comes with 3 extra capsules for big sessions. You have to load and unload the capsules into the device for it to work, which also requires some time to get used to as there is a particular technique required to do this. Therefore this is a great vaporizer for experienced users or those who want to learn more about using vaporizers in general.It’s not for those just looking for a easy way to smoke as it usually takes time to set up. It’s a little bit on the large size and you pretty much need a kit to carry the addons which we highly recommend. Therefore, the portability is rather low and it’s not a vaporizer we recommend getting if you want to travel a lot and just take it out and smoke. The fact that it’s not a convection vape is actually one of the reasons why it’s able to deliver such rich and distinctive flavor. If you’re looking to spend time getting into the actual hobby and learning interesting things about vaping while still getting phenomenal flavor, the Firewood 4 is the vaporizer to get. 



$150 – $200: Best Vaporizer

#1- Pax 2: $199

pax 2 review

The PAX 2 vaporizer tops the list for the $150+ price range. We think people a lot of people consider this vaporizer a little overrated, because the vapor quality/power is not the best. There’s usually phenomenal taste for the first three or so hits, after which it dies down and there is also a loss of potency. Don’t get us wrong though: it definitely lasts long enough on it’s battery and a decently small amount of weed to get you thoroughly blasted. The main reason that it’s placed so high however is it’s portability and ease of use. Fitting comfortably into the palm of your hand, you can easily drop this vape into your pocket. It has a very slim, modern look so that you can get away with saying it’s a detachable battery or other electronic device. People often can’t guess that it’s a vaporizer unless told so. It also doesn’t reek too much when you use marijuana and any smell usually disappears after a couple of minutes. An added bonus is that girls find it very comfortable to use as well 😉

It’s also very easy to use, making it perfect for any newbie. Everything can set or changed with the push of the mouthpiece and the 4 lights in the middle tell you everything you need to know. Usually it takes about 5 minutes to get used to it and figure out all the controls and then that’s it: you’re set for the warrantied 10 year life. It’s battery lasts comfortably for up to 5-6 sessions which is enough time to get you (and a friend) extremely baked. It also maintains a very solid build and there are many customer reviews testifying to breaking or dropping the device on multiple occasions, only to have it continue working flawlessly.  Cleaning and maintainability are also simple, and take no more than a couple of minutes a week. If you are looking to buy a comfortable vape that offers an extremely discrete experience, the PAX 2 is your choice. It’s especially recommended for traveling and for those who enjoy smoking often outside.


#2- Arizer Air: $169.95

arizer air review

The Arizer Air offers the same vapor quality of it’s predecessor, the Arizir Solo, in a smaller device that helps increase it’s portability.  While you can comfortably hold it in your hand, it’s a little on the longer side (with the pipe attached) making it harder to pocket. It can still be easily put in compartments or bookbags. While it can be used for travel, the design itself is not too discrete as it’s pretty obvious that it’s a vaporizer, so we don’t recommend using it out in the open too often. The battery life is also a little lower compared to the Solo, which makes sense as the Air is much smaller but it can still last for 5-6 sessions. The temperature settings are the same as the Solo because the same time of heating oven is used. You can play around with the settings to figure out what works best for you, but at the end of the day you’ll still be getting a solid cloud of good vapor. It’s very easy to use as all you have to do is pop in the dry herbs into the loading chamber, and set it on top of the vape. Then wait for it to warm up and you’re set. 

If there are any cons, it’s that the loading chamber is somewhat small. The heat up time is also a little on the larger side, taking a minute to charge up at medium temperatures. Overall, this is the vaporizer to get if you’re into vaping or care strongly about the vapor quality while stilling desiring some form of portability. There are absolutely no other alternatives at this price range (or even at $100 more) that can match the size of this vaporizer while still maintaining a consistent, pure flavor like the Arizer Air delivers. Like we stated, it’s a lot better suited for use at home but if you can get past that this is a great vaporizer to own. There are hundreds of great customer reviews online, consistent with that of the Solo’s. 



$200+: Best Vaporizer

#1- DaVinci IQ: $274.99

best portable vaporizer davinci IQ

While using the DaVinci IQ is relatively intuitive, it’s actually a complicated device that can take time to use efficiently. It actually has it’s own app with Smart Paths technology that helps you figure out exactly the temperature and way to warm your dry herb the way you like it. When dealing with the pros, the most important to us is the vapor quality. Delivering possibly the best vapor quality we’ve experienced from a conduction vape, the IQ delivers smooth and packed flavor that lasts quite a while. It did this by using high grade Zirconia for the oven itself. Zirconia is the strongest ceramic and also a phenomenal heat insulators and is one of the reasons why the IQ is able deliver such a pure taste. The build itself is extremely durable and the DaVinci IQ comes with a 10 year warranty just like the PAX.  It’s extremely small and can easily fit into your hand or pocket. The only reason we decided not to give a 100 rating on portability is that it’s design is not the most discrete in the world. Up close some people might be able to tell that it is a vaporizer, especially because of the way you load the oven. 

The Smart Path app is a fantastic addition to this portable vaporizer as it allows you to experiment with different temperatures and settings to allow you to develop your own preferred taste. We think that rather than complicating things, the app makes it more user friendly to change precise details about the vape, something which no other vaporizer can do.  You can essentially program the vape for 10 minutes to comfortably increase the temperature, keep it stable, or a combination of both. As everyone has different preferences and ways in which they smoke, we think that this enables this vaporizer to become very flexible and increases the overall utility.  You can also hold down the power button during these smart path sessions to enable the vape to enter a boost mode, which is basically constantly increasing the temperature until you let go of the button. While excelling in this new technology, the DaVinci IQ also keeps strong roots: the battery life is very commendable for it’s size. It can last up to 70 minutes on one charge and only takes about 3 hours to fully charge. Overall, this is a vaporizer that uses cutting edge technology to deliver you incredible flavor and quality, while also including remarkable flexibility, ease of use and design.  We’re totally convinced that it deserves the spot of the best portable vaporizer and if you have enough money to spend, this is the bad boy to get. 


#2- Firefly 2: $329.95

firefly 2 vaporizer review

The FireFly 2 joins the list as one of the best on demand vaporizers on the market. While it has a hefty price tag, it’s crisp vapor quality, portability and ease of use might help convince you that it’s worth the buy. Easily the best thing about this vaporizer is it’s ability to create almost melodic flavors: light, cool and fragrant. While we have rated the Crafty below with a higher vapor quality, it is only because of the increased potency. If you have time to get high or enjoy smoking for extended periods of time, the FireFly 2 can help you slowly ascend into oblivion. It actually does something very unique to keep this flavor consistent: it blows air into your dry herbs, making sure that they are constantly mixing around as you continue to inhale. This insures a thorough burn and every breath you take feels like the first.  The FireFly 2 is an on demand vaporizer, meaning that you can literally take one or two draws and put it down: it will not cook your dry herb unless you are using it actively. To help achieve this it also has the fastest warming time on this list and you can inhale seconds after you turn it on. This makes it different from all the other vaporizers on this list which are listed as session vapes. They take longer to warm up and continue to heat the herbs even when you are not inhaling. 

There are few, if any cons about the FireFly 2. One thing we have to point out is that there are many user reviews claiming heating problems because it gets too hot to hold. However others many others experience no issues whatsoever so we’re inclined to think that it’s a defect. We urge full caution and use of an authorized seller when purchasing the vape as it can help minimize the chances of you receiving a defected design. Apart from that, we think the battery is a little on the low side as it lasts only about 55 minutes of continued use. Having a second battery on hand is recommended, especially if you’re travelling. The vape is very easy to maintain and clean. Simple button pushes are required to make it work which makes it perfect for beginners. It has a beautiful design and we personally think that it is the best looking portable vaporizer. Overall, we recommend this for anyone who wants a unique, efficient vaporizer that offers on demand cooking. It can help save you a lot of money in the long run which we think helps justify the FireFly 2’s price tag.


#3- Pax 3: $274.99

pax 3 vaporizer review

The PAX 3 is an upgraded version of the PAX 2 which can also work with concentrates. This makes it one of the best 3-1 vaporizers out there on the market. Improvements over the PAX 2 include a slight upgrade to the vapor quality- as we noticed the flavors tended to last a little longer – different color finishes, and the addition of a concentrate oven. There are many vaporizers out there that offer better vapor quality, because the PAX 3 is once again aimed to please the general population with it’s ease of use and portability. It’s sleek design still remains the same and the company continues to offer the 10 year warranty as they have for previous designs. For the most part the design and simplicity of use remains the same. For concentrates all you have to do is pour your wax or oil into the concentrate oven. You then attach the oven on top of the oven lid and slide the lid shut, just like you would when using dry herbs. Apart from that all other things have remained the same including the temperatures and other settings. This is a great vaporizer for those who prefer discreteness and portability over vapor quality and still want to be able to use concentrates.  


#4- Crafty: $339.00

crafty review

We consider the Crafty the king in the category of “getting you thoroughly fucked up”. It delivers strong and deafening blows of vapor that taste amazing. Inhaling this stuff in a standard session will get you blasted as the Crafty is probably the most potent vaporizer on this list. It actually uses so much power that if you use it while simultaneously charging the battery, the battery life will actually continue to decrease. But that doesn’t stop it from being very easy to use. It has two temperature settings which include the standard default setting at 356F and then a boost setting at 386 F, and the temperatures for each of the settings can be adjusted via an app. It vibrates to tell you when it’s ready to use which is helpful since it can take up to 2 minutes to finish warming up. The Crafty deserves special attention for it’s ability to generate consistent vapor regardless of the amount of weed located in the oven. You can fill it half up, loosely packed or completely full and it will always give you a great hit just like the FireFly 2. However the vapor clouds tend to be on the thicker size and it’s easy to get too high especially if you’re a beginner. 

The Crafty is also very efficient and you can use a delicate amount of weed when you want to start smoking. The build is extremely durable and it holds and feels great. However, being a little on the thicker side it is harder to pocket. It also is pretty conspicuous as it does look like a vaporizer. Having rather big lights doesn’t help as well. We recommend putting it in a bookbag and only utilizing it in a private setting if you wish for discreteness.  Cleaning is manageable but some time is required to do a good job. However, this vape actually doesn’t need to be cleaned too often. If you clean it twice or three times a month usually that’s more than enough.  We recommend the Crafty for heavy smokers who need to use vaporizers on the daily. It’s entire purpose is to last an extremely long time and get you stoned every time. 



Thanks so much for reading the article about my best vaporizer! If you have any other questions about the best portable vaporizers, feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

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